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Sudima suites


Project Detail

The Sudima suites project consists of a variance of studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. The project is set up as short term accommodation to service the needs of friends and family of those using the facilities of Mater hospital.

PBS Building negotiated this project with a client who was using the development as their maiden venture into short term accommodation. A strong focus was placed to deliver a flagship project within an extremely tight budget.

The inground excavation required a bored pier and shotcrete retaining system to hold the shale rock in place. At the lowest levels the rock being “Brisbane tuff” required heavy machinery and hammers to remove.

Due to the “Water Street Bus Way Tunnel” sitting diagonally below the project, excavation became a finely tuned exercise. In Consultation with Department of Main Roads a full moitoring and remote reporting system was set up in the tunnel to detect movement or vibrations and ensure the project was not detrimental to the tunnel construction.

PBS was able to offer an improved fitout quality and materials selection from the initial specicifation by leveraging stakeholders on existing projects. This along with our attention to detail and revised structural design enabled the project to proceed within the budget feasibility.

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