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Hunters Hill Hotel


Project Detail

The hotel was first named The Fig Tree Hotel and built in 1880, it was sold on numerous occasions and had many refurbishments before being demolished in 1938 to make way for the current Hunters Hill Hotel, with further refurbishments being undertaken to reach its current look.

The DA process for this project commenced in 2004, went to the Land and environment court in 2010 and since PBS’s involvement has had a further 3 Section 96 Applications to modify DA conditions.
The project is at an intersection on to a major arterial road, with up to 20,000 traffic movements per day passing the front of the site, as part of the works PBS needs to gain RMS approval and complete road works which include relocation of a pedestrian crossing and two sets of traffic lights.
The project had extensive DA conditions around traffic movement and control including restrictions as to where and when the site could be accessed.

The Project included the relocation of commercial kitchen, new and relocated gaming room, new and extended beer garden, new terrace and deck areas and refurbishment of all facilities bringing the building up to current BCA standards. The construction and refurbishment works on the hotel were conducted whilst it was still in operation.

During construction there were challenges in carrying out the works whilst the hotel was still operating for example the removal and replacement of furniture at the start and end of each day, close interaction with the public and staging of construction to keep the hotel fully operational.

PBS also faced a number of time constraints imposed on PBS in certain areas such as only allowing 4 days for the existing beer garden to be converted to a new courtyard and bar involving demo/removal of existing slabs.

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