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Hervey Bay Special School


Project Detail

PBS was successful in tendering 4 schools as part of the BER rollout for the C2 area of Wide Bay Burnett Region under Construction Management of Baulderstone Queensland Pty Ltd. All schools were given tight programs and PBS was able to deliver all on time and in budget. PBS had to work within constraints of a working school environment and to maintain safety for all students,staff and parents on a daily basis.

The project consisted of a new Resource Information Centre of 118.5m2 consisting of a one building with 4 rooms:
Room 1 – to accommodate teacher meeting/reference and server rooms an area for storage and use of teacher’s learning and professional development resources, staff conferences, location for data system, location of Resource Centre server and Curriculum server.
Room 2 – resource centre, an open flexible area for stack storage for the resource collection, reference resources, catalogue computer station, research computer cluster, central print station, Internal circulation for access to Multi-Purpose Room, Office and Library work room, activities include sitting on floor, at desks and learning centres involving listening, discussion, hands-on activities, teacher directed lessons, musically related activities, display and presentation and computer area (Some or all students may be in wheelchairs).
Room 3 – Powder room providing unisex and disabled toilet facility.
Room 4 – Storeroom, a secure storage of educational equipment and materials and area for the storage of cleaning equipment and consumables.

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