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Burgmann College


Project Detail

Burgmann is one of the only independently owned and run student colleges within the Australian National University
campus. The original college was established in 1971 to house 230 students. In 2004 PBS Building constructed a new
‘village’ to accommodate an additional 120 post graduate students.

The project consisted of seven accommodation blocks, a tutorial / IT building, one laundry block, a chapel and a cafe. Within the accommodation blocks there are 58 one, three and five bedroom units with full kitchen and bathroom

PBS Building had a full design and construct role on this project and managed to deliver it in a time frame that ANU
Facilities and Services viewed as impossible.

In order to achieve the time frame, pre-cast floor and wall elements were used for the structure with a composite
facade system of brickwork, fibre cement and Colorbond cladding. Extensive smart card systems were installed in the
complex allowing students to do anything from accessing their apartments, to charging for meals in the cafeteria.

The project was built immediately adjacent to sensitive CSIRO test sites, a marsupial enclosure and the National
Botanic Gardens. There was no adverse impact on these areas because of our dedicated focus on the environmental
management in all the project planning and activities.

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